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My engine what do you think?

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When I saw this post I thought "Oh gee, another simple engine, I think I'll not download it" then I saw it was you Basiror, and I took the time to look at it. I think it's nice, you obviously know what you are doing, and I hope to be as good as you are someday.

The only complaint I have is that it renders slowly, why it's doing this I don't know (do you have frustum culling?). Otherwise it's very good

[edited by - Shadow1234567890 on December 27, 2002 2:21:02 PM]

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there is only a behind player culling system :D

i didn t have the time to write a really good cullingsystem yet

first i need to finish programming my hl mod
and then ill step back to the engine and the compiler

it draws 17000 polygons btw you just don t see them because of culling

my lowest fps i got was 40

gf2 ultra
512 ddr
thunderbird c 1400

and as you might have noticed it draws the brushes and not only the surface :D time to add CSG to the compiler hehe

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what do you mean it draws brushes not only surfaces? I forgot what the csg compilation handles

basiror u seem to know what you''re doing, check out the post I made on the stupid thing that draws a bitmap and check it for any errors for me I know the way I currently ahve it set up isn''t optimal (loads the bitmap every single time it is drawn) but otherwise it shoudl still be displaying SOMETHING

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Its a damn good engine. After the first few minutes it got boring then when i flew into the sky , jawdrop. The buildings are really cool. But it runs a tad slow.

My machine
2.8 ghz P4
radeon 9700
Asus p4pe
512 mb corsai 3200 ram
40 gb hard drive.

I love my machine

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Why should it run in so high resolution?
Not every one have the money to a super high tech machine, so try getting it down to 640*480 or at least 800*600...
I only have 8 MB GFX

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