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Getting error message from HRESULT?

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Does anyone know if it''s possible to get some type of an error message out of a failed HRESULT? Basically I want to test any funtion that returns an HRSESULT value, and if it fails, pass the returned HRESULT value to a function which will process it and print out the appropriate error message. Is there any type of Windows function that retrieves some type of explanation of the error from the HRESULT, or do I got to hard code a huge switch statement with all possible error codes and print out self created messages myself?

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the Failed macro:


this works. or, you can check to see if theResult is any specific error value. You can see a list of possible erros in the MS help docs, under "HRESULT".

To get a specific explanation, i think the GetError function in windows or something like that would work, but im not sure.
Otherwise, you''ll need a huge switch statement like you said .

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I don''t think there is a Win32 function that does that, but with D3DX you have D3DXGetErrorString(HRESULT, DWORD, LPSTR) that takes a HRESULT and fills the supplied string with text that is understandable.

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