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Loading Bitmaps

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Can someone please help me? I want to get a Bitmap to be displayed on a DC (Plain windows not DirectX or any thing). I got a bitmap in a resource file: IDB_BITMAP and a the handle of a DC: hDC. Can some please tell what functions in what order are needed to load the bitmap and draw it on the DC; Thanks in advance.


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LoadBitmap to get the bitmap into a HBITMAP if its a resource bitmap. Then use CBitmap::Atach() to attach the handle to the class CBitmap:

Create a memory DC and initialize it:
CDC memDC;

Then, select the CBitmap into the context:
memDC.SelectObject((CBitmap *)theBitmap); // Not sure if you need the cast or not 

Then, draw it by blitting:
hDC.BitBlt(0,0,bitmapwidth, bitmapheight, &memDC, 0, 0, SRCCOPY); 

And CHABOOM, there it is, on the context (usally pDC in OnDraw).

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