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Does Genesis3D cut it?

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Hi We are currently working on an online RPG. We have discussed the possibility to write our own 3D engine or use a free. But from my understanding Genesis won''t make large outdoor scenarios? Has anyone tried Morfit? Or is anyone willing to join that already have written parts of an engine? Can someone give some input ? You can find the project informatino at http://home.swipnet.se/wonderworld or http://home.swipnet.se/WonderWorld if they haven''t changed the caps already. Regards /Joachim

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Okay, here''s what I found out after doing some research myself.

Genesis3D was originally going to be a free 3D engine but wasn''t supposed to be open source. The folks at Eclipse were working on Genesis3D 2.0 but ended up sellng Genesis3D to WildTangent, (or their company was bought, or something along those lines). The original Genesis3D code became open source... which is cool if you are creating your own RPG so that you can modify/check out what is going on in the background.

WildTangent incorporated the Genesis3D code into their WT Game Driver, (available in beta at wildtangent.com). So far, they at least have some okay documentation in .hlp format, which I can''t say the same for Genesis3D. The game driver is supposed to have good outdoor terrain handling since it was one of the main things they were focusing on, but the code isn''t open source.

At the same time, some of the original developers of Genesis3D took what was finished of Genesis3D 2.0 before WildTangent bought it, and renamed the engine Jet3D. Jet3D is also open source, and apparently has some of the terrain rendering code as well.

I can''t compare Morfit because I haven''t checked it out, but as I understand it, they require you to include advertising banners in the game.

Hope that helps.

Clay Larabie

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Genesis3D 1.1 :: Free, fast, open-source and feature-packed, but no outdoors and aging fast.

GameDriver :: Free (until you''re making a lot of money), fast and feature-packed with a quadtree-based terrain engine, but not open-source.

Your best bet is to download both and muddle with them a bit, and form your own opinion.

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