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Varokas Panusuwan

OpenGL OpenGL & DirectDraw

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DirectDraw is used for fullscreen in win32 - it''s also used in Q3A.

BOOL DD_SetVideoMode(HWND hwnd,int width,int height,int colors)

HRESULT ddrval;

if (ddrval!=DD_OK) return FALSE;

if (ddrval!=DD_OK) return FALSE;

ddrval=dDraw->SetDisplayMode(width, height, colors);
if (ddrval!=DD_OK ) return FALSE;

// Workaround for RIVA 128
if (ddrval != DD_OK) return FALSE;

return TRUE;

colors = color depth in bits

You must create a window first and pass its HWND to DD_SetVideoMode().

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Damn, that''s so much easier than I figured it would be...
Looks like I''ll have to try it sometime, unless OpenGL ( or OpenML rather ) comes up with a decent set of 2D functions!

#pragma DWIM // Do What I Mean!
~ Mad Keith ~
**I use Software Mode**

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Err... Excuse me
You mean lpSurface->GetDC(...); right?
or just GetDC(...);
Because if it is a DirectDraw Buffer
I must call lpSurface->ReleaseDC(..) before I
blit in to another surface.
As you can see I'm only the beginner

Edited by - Varokas Panusuwan on 5/6/00 2:44:23 AM

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