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Im Freaking out!!!

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Please explain.... I have been having trouble with a function in GLAUX.h namely auxDIBImageLoad.... So after tring a number of differant things, I decided to make a copy of the header file and edit the original.. I commented out all the lines regarding this function, and recompiled my program. Same problem.. Same function. So I thought that's weird, I am using a function, and it's getting changed to auxDIBImageA (that is with an "A" on the end) as this change is stated in the header file.. But even when I blanked out this define it still happened. Now this wasn't too bad compared to what happened next.. I moved ALL of my OpenGL headerfiles into a totally differant directory, and tried to run it. Same error. AND no error for any of the other openGL function(as these couldn't be defined without a header!) But get this. I then decided to try to compile an openGL program which I had written previosly (It had worked ).. AND IT COMPILED and ran fine. All without having the NEEDED header files in the directory.... HOW does that work??????? I refered to these headers in both programs mentioned: gl.h glu.h and glaux.h for the one I am having problems with... Strange hey?? davior
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Maybe not. The compiler only recompiles changed files... Odds are it had compiled versions of you headers stashed away somewhere that it used. At least that is how my compiler works...


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