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Octree paramter question

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Hi guys. I finished my Octree implementation a few minutes ago. Some parameters control when I stop subdividing my nodes. I have a maximum number of polygons a node my contain without being subdived. Only this would cause lock ups (think of a vertex that is shared by 10 faces. You can subdivide your node a million times, one node will still contain at least 10 faces). Because of this, I also added a minimum size. Below this size, the node wouldn''t be subdivided any more. So my questions are: How small should the smalles node become ? So small that it is 1/100 of the world ? So small that the player can walk thorugh it in 5 seconds ? Other ideas ? And how many polygons should a node ideally contain ? What is a good balance between to many nodes and to many polys per node ? I''m using the Octree for indoor (later for idoor/outdoor) scenes. I want to do collision detection, hidden surface removal and lightmap generation with my Octree. Please tell me what values u use for your Octrees or similar structures. Thanks, Tim

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