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Triangle stripping for fixed sized buffers

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Here''s my situation. I''m working on the PS2 and am tackling stripping of triangle models into buffers of a set size. All the triangle stripping algorithms I''ve seen such as Stripe, the SGI version, or Seth Tellers cached version all are trying to find the longest strips in order to reduce the sum of all the verts needed to render the model. My situation on the PS2 is different. My vertex buffer is currently 45 verts. Strips longer than 45 verts aren''t useful to me since they won''t fit in the buffer. The algorithm I need must build strips with this size limitation in mind. The other half of the problem is that I need to find the right combinations of the smaller strips to glue together to fill the buffer. For instance I might have strips of 30, 5, 5. Rather than have 3 strips I could glue these together using (2) dummy verts to make a strip of length 30+(2)+5+(2)+5 = 44. Building 3 %90 filled buffers vs 4 %75 filled buffers is of course better in my case. Here''s a few other bits of info. If two strips end and begin with the same vert then I only need one dummy vert to glue them together. There''s no clipping or backface removal so tris can be clockwise or counterclockwise. And we''re talking about dealing with 150-250 tris at a time to give you an idea of ''N''. Any ideas? I love consoles!

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