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Ricardo Portugal


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Hi there,

RM is a higher level API,
that means it''s a lil engine on its own.
But it''s even shitty to create a good game using DXRM,
cause you will need all that low level stuff to
get the best out of the hardware.

If you want to build a small App using DXD3D you can use RM cause the dev time is even better than experimenting with IM.

But if you want to create a real game or something else you need to hack into IM.

Graphics and general programming;
Application Developer;

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MS is also no longer supporting RM. They''ve made strides to improve the ease of use of IM and it certainly is managable now. I''ve seen less and less use and inquiry on RM and, while yes, it is easier to learn it is, for all intensive purposes, gone. I would jump into IM instead. 7.0 is pretty decent to work with and I''ve enjoyed it a great deal.


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Retained mode is so slow because all of the interfaces are encapsulating IM interfaces. The only real advantage that I have seen with RM is the .x file loader, which a version can be found for IM in the D3DUtil Library anyways. The RM is dead, and the best bet for learning that I have found(actually better than RM in my opinion) is using the D3DX Utility Library(LEARNING ONLY!!!!!!!!)

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