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directx 9 samples - a question

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Hi all! I downloaded the DirectX 9 SDK. Then I started one of the samples ( Fur ). An msgbox appeared, what said "Not enough memory" and the app switched to reference rasterizer. Then I ran the billboard sample and it says and do the same. I know that my config is not the best, but isn''t 32MB ram on my tnt2 enough? (ASUS-Tnt2(32MB) and 375Celeron and 384SYSMEM ) Plz help me Thanks.

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The same happened to me... You have to install the SDK correctly,
I mean, don''t run the SDK samples w/out having installed the SDK
If you had downloaded the full version of the SDK then decompress
it to a folder (i.e."C:\_DX9SDK") then inside that folder should
be a install *.exe file (I don''t know if the file name is "Install.exe")
then, run it. When you''ve finnished the instalation process the
SDK samples should work okay...

hope that helps


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