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BeginScene() Unknown error

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hi, This is my first attempt at using direct3d7 and all seems to be going well until i issue lpD3Ddevice->BeginScene(). it fails with hr = D3DERR_UNKNOWN 887601c2. Heres the output from my console... GDI Window created OK DirectDraw Object Created Acquired interface to DirectDraw7 Set initial Cooperative Level OK SetDisplayMode OK Primary surface created OK BackBuffer surface created OK Offscreen surface created OK Direct3D7 query OK Enumerating... RGB Emulation Enumerating... Direct3D HAL 3D Hardware found OK lpD3D->CreateDevice OK lpD3Ddevice->SetViewport() OK lpD3Ddevice->BeginScene() failed D3DERR_UNKNOWN 887601c2 not being able to debug fullscreen DX apps properly sucks. can anyone help please? thanks in advance

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1) Use the DEBUG DirectX runtimes and D3D will log the errors to the standard debug output stream for you, you can then look at what was written after your app has finished (if it''s fullscreen).

2) I just typed that error code into the DirectX error lookup tool (comes with the SDK) and got:

Description: Access to this surface is being refused because the surface is gone. The DIRECTDRAWSURFACE object representing this surface should have Restore called on it."

3) why are you debugging in fullscreen ?. The only real reason to do that is for when you''re testing lost surface/device code. For all other reasons I''ve ever come across, windowed mode is fine.

4) if you really must debug in fullscreen, then get yourself a cheap PCI VGA card and second monitor - multimonitor (or multi PC) debugging is much easier. As long as you can see the debugger and code on the second monitor that''s enough so you should be able to get a second hand 14" one and sucky old gfx card for not much more than the price of a box of branded CDRs!

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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Just set up a secondary monitor, SWEET! that is so much easier!

Havent tried the debug runtimes yet... ill look into it.

Im used to DJGPP & VESAbios, its a bit of a steep learning curve switching to VC# & DirectX

Thanks a lot for the help, should be able to figure it out now.

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