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The Reindeer Effect

Perlin Noise (Subplasma Problem)

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Well ... I probably should have looked/thought about it more before I post here but ohh well. When I generate a layer (256x256), I am putting values at intervals of 128 pixels, and then interpolating for the unknown pixels. Something is wrong with this ... out.jpg Looks like the rows are interpolated fine, but there is a problem from row to row.
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Guest Anonymous Poster
looks okay in x direction. but definetely too fast in y direction.. it might be overflowing the heightfield. in my perlin algo''s implementation this also gave me headaches and resulted in similar (although less drastic) "shifts" or "alias" problems..

but without seeing the code.. it''s still hard to say if it''s not something else..


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Look at my site,there is a perlin editor written in C#,
but code translates in c++ very quickly

Oh,the site it''s in italian and you need .NET runtime installed if you want to view the application...


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