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using GDI in DDraw full screen mode

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This kind of relates to an earlier post someone had about using a flip chain between offscreen surfaces as opposed to blitting the backbuffer to the frontbuffer, but I will make it brief. I am under the impression that in order for me to be able to see for example a windows dialog box while in full screen mode, among other things, I have to blit the backbuffer to the frontbuffer instead of flip. Am I totally misinformed? or is there a workaround I am missing? [edit] heres the link to the other post I mentioned above by JonWoyame its just about the benefits of flipping instead of blitting [/edit] [edited by - evillive2 on January 18, 2003 2:32:37 AM]

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Well it depends what DX you''re using.

I think its something like


if you want to draw with GDI to the backbuffer before you flip it or if you just want to display a dialog you can


but dont quote me on this. Look it up in the help of whatever DX you''re using.

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