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Lighting - Not in DX

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What would be the best way to go about lighting in a 2d isometric view game? I''m thinking that I should change the brightness of each tile that I want to be lit, but is there a way to pixel-plot light so that it isn''t restricted to tiles only? As examples, Fallout just changed the brightness of the tiles surrounding a certain point, but Diablo II changed the pixels surrounding a point, making it look more realistic.

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Here are two ways to do that...

Have a seperate "light layer" on your map that indicates "light tiles" (basicly greyscale shaded tiles that have arcs and such on them, so if you place several together they form a circle,etc.)...read up on "light maps" for 3D engines like Quake, as this is very simular, except in 2D

calculate the light level at each tile verticy (corner) and apply a groaud shaded polygon fill routine when rendering...

there are even ways to combine the two above

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I wrote a point based lighting sytem
but due to DirectDraw''s inability to draw perpixel via hardware or to alphablend in hardware it was too slow. amazingly enough it worked fine using GDI as a renderer

Raymond Jacobs,
Profesional Web Applications Developer,
Weekend Game Developer,

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