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I need som help, plz...

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I''m developing a Particle Engine, and there is one thing I can''t get to work. I''m trying to use functions such as setParticleSystemPosition(Vector3D new_position), to set the position of the particle system. But it doesn''t seem to be working! What am I doing wrong? Here is the function: void PARTICLE_SYSTEM:: setParticleSystemPosition(Vector3D new_position) { position = new_position; }

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What error are you getting? Then post some relevant code (vector storage definition and the = operator).

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Ok, im sorry if I didn''t make myself clear. But I''m not recieving any errors, but it just doesn''t set the value to the new value I specify, it just stays (0.0, 0.0, 0.0), after calling the function.
I''m nearly 100% sure that my = operator is overloaded properly, because I use it other places in the program and it works there, but here it is:

// Overloads the assignment (''='') operator
Vector3D& operator= (Vector3D v) {
x = v.x;
y = v.y;
z = v.z;
return *this;

And my Vector3D class contains these variables:

float x, y, z;

And the particle system object:


And my call to the function to ste the position of the particle system:

ps1.setParticleSystemPosition(Vector3D(0.0f, 0.0f, -5.0f));

If there is any more information that you want me to provide then just ask =)


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