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Gamma control, contrast etc.

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How to make a gamma control like in professional games (WC3, HL). If I use this code, I can only make the screen dark (0) or the same as original (255). I cannot make the screen brighter.
int x, g, f;
  f = factor;
  if(f<0) f = 0;
  if(f>256) f = 256;
  //get gamma
  ZeroMemory(&gramp, sizeof(D3DGAMMARAMP));
  g = 0;
  for (x = 0; x < 256; x++) {[x] = g;[x] = g;[x] = g;
    g += f;
  lpD3DDevice->SetGammaRamp(D3DSGR_CALIBRATE, &gramp);
And also how to make such a things like contrast etc. ?

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