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2D Tile Articles / Source / Anything!

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Hey all, I''m wanting to write a DirectX overhead game (like Chrono Trigger or those old SNES RPGs... Dragon Warrior is another example.). What I''m really looking for (since I''m not too hot with DirectX) is some source code or tutorials that build up a 2D tile engine (just the tiles, once I get going I can implement other stuff) that incorporates stuff like smooth scrolling and such. I haven''t been that lucky finding tutorials. I believe I found one by Jim Adams who had 4 demos with scrolling triangles and such, but I seem to have lost that ones actual ARTICLE (I still have the source w/ demos). I also saw one by Kim someone (forgot the last name) and it seemed pretty good, but there was no actual source code accompyning the tutorial and that makes it pretty hard to see if the article does anything close to what I want. So does anyone know of any projects w/ source with just a barebones 2D tile engine with smooth scrolling and such things? Or a link to articles / tutorials to get me set up to build something like that? Thanks a bunch guys.

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There''s a wrapper for DirectDraw 7 called CDX which has a very easy implementation for tile maps, sprites (i.e. everything you need for your RPG ). I am developing an old-fashioned RPG too, and used this a lot a while ago, but decided to write my own engine. Tell me if you need more help.
By the way, I don''t remember the URL where you can get CDX, but do a Google search and you will find it.

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