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Virtual constructors ???

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Hey people, No blabla, here''s what I want: class VEHICLE { public: VEHICLE(int iWheels); }; class CAR: public VEHICLE { public: CAR(); }; CAR::CAR() { // init stuff inherited::VEHICLE(4); // init more stuff } It''s getting late and my C++ is getting a bit rusty, how do I solve this? Hope the code above shows I want to call my own inherited contructor. Do I need to make this contructor VIRTUAL??? Or is it bed time?

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Guest Anonymous Poster
There is no such thing as a virtual constructor - but here is how you do what you want todo

// init car stuff

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Some other programming languages use virtual constructors. Delphi and probably C++ Builder also?

I see I''ve lost too much brain cells already, and C++ with them.

Thanks people...coding can continue...

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C++ Builder does not use virtual constructors.

You can simulate virtual constructors by using a factory method pattern.

That is, if what you really want to do is construct different objects returned as a pointer to a common base class.

But what you're doing in the example is just a normal thing.

All the constructors of an object and the classes that it inherits from are called, in order, from the most base class to the most derived, when you do a new Car or declare a stack ( automatic ) variable of the type.

Edited by - SteveC on May 8, 2000 10:46:16 PM

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Nope. Cam''t override constructors. Period.

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