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DX8..max texture size?

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Original post by burgc002
I think I read somewhere that the max texture size in DX8 was 256x256 can anyone verify this? Thanks

Completely dependant on your video card.

Nowadays, you''re probably pretty safe up to about 1024x1024, or even 2048x2048 (my aging card''s limit).

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Anyone know of a site that has a list of what texture sizes are supported by what video cards? Something like:

Voodoo 2 - 256x256
GeForce 2 GTS - 2048x2048

and so on. That would be a big help to be able to see what video cards you're going to be excluding by using a texture size of aaa by bbb.

I did a search on Google and Yahoo, but the results were unhelpful to say the least.

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1) Really your application should check the device capabilities at runtime and adapt itself accordingly. This could be as simple as having two versions of your textures, one set which are 256x256 and another set at 1024x1024 then just do an "if (caps.MaxTextureWidth >= 1024) blah...".

2) But if you really need a database (albeit not ex), give this one a go:
[from a Google for directx+caps+database although I knew it existed, just forgot the URL]

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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