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Flexible arrays of pointers

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What I want to do is this: CClass { }; CAClass : public CClass { }; CBClass : public CClass { }; CClass *ary; ary = new CClass[100]; ary[x] = new CAClass; // or what ever. In other words, I want an array that can hold a class and any class that inherits from it. Can I use STL for this, and if so, how? Thanks.

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It seems to me that what you want is not what you typed. In your version, you have an array of CClass objects ; however, to enable polymorphism, you need pointers to objects:

CClass **ary;
ary = new CClass*[100];
ary[x] = new CAClass; // or what ever.

With the STL, this would be easily achieved by creating a vector of pointers.

std::vector<CClass*> vec;
for(int i = 0; i < SOME_LIMIT; i++)
vec.push_back(new CAClass); // or whatever, as you put it

// More code ...

// Just remember, if you push_back new elements, to delete them

for(int i = 0; i < vec.size(); i++)
delete vec[i];

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The only mistake you have made is in the way you have initialised CClass *ary.

Do this..
CClass * ary[100];  // 100 pointers to CClass 

then when you create a new object of type A or B do this..
ary[x] = new CAClass;  

or this..
ary[x] = new CBClass; 


will call the derived render function. Note, Render() must be declared as a virtual member function in CClass.

If you want to use stl instead of a fixed number of meshes, do this..
std::vector< CClass * > vecMeshes; 

To create a new mesh..
vecMeshes.push_back( new CAClass() ); // or CBClass 

Then to loop through the meshes (the easy way)
for (int t= 0; t < vecMeshes.size(); t++)

Easy hey?

- Matt

Help me!

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