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Visualize sound logic

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Does anyone know a program that can show a wave sound in a logically way like this: The heighter tones comes to the top of the screen while the deeper tones shows up in the bottom of the screen. The lighter the colour is, the higher the volume is... It should be so precise so i could actually paint sound in the program. I know theese programs exist, but i don''t know any names or how to get them... Are there some free or are there some shareware?

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That''s called a spectrogram, which is many FFTs (Fast Fourier Transform) sampled accross the length of a sound...

Cool Edit Pro has a spectrogram view (as opposed to the normal waveform view). This is probably your cheapest option, because most other software is specialised stuff (i.e. expensive) which is used by acousticians.

Happy hunting...

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I don''t know about "painting" with it, but for looking at them get winamp (posibly only in winamp 2.8 or so??) It will be significantly eaiser and cheeper than cool-edit.

Options Menu
Winamp Preferences
Nullsoft Tiny Fullscreen
Spectrum Analyzer + Voiceprint (from the bottom select box)
Hit start

Just fiddle around with that.

It is a highly useful tool.

If you want to use it live, open up winamp using the CD/LineIn input plugin with linein:// in the open file box. Then start the visualisation by double clicking the build-in visualisation area.

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Thanks for the reply...
I can''t code well.
Why don''t anyone take up the idea and make a program like i asked for?
Freeware of course...
Is it hard to make?

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Try Coagula. It allows you to convert from an image to audio, but is not a spectum->wave converter. Instead, the colour designates which channels the tone is rendered too. The only program that I can think of that does what you require is MetaSynth. Unfortunately, it is not free and Mac only.

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