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maya export questions

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I''ve been working with xfiles exported out of Maya for a few weeks now and have found ways around these things, but I''m still curious about them. How could one export multiple AnimationSets? As it stands, using the DirectX8.1 plugin, the range of frames you are viewing in the Maya time slider is the range exported to the xfile in the form of one unified AnimationSet. I see how I could export a bunch of different ascii xfiles and copy/paste to have multiple AnimationSets in one file, but that sounds like a pain in the ass. Anyone know a way to handle this straight through Maya? Also, I''ve heard that DirectX exporters can be found on the AliasWavefront site for Maya4.5 (which Microsoft''s current exporters don''t support without a recompile). I don''t need them now, but for the future it would be nice to know where AliasWavefront is hiding any useful DirectX plugins. Thanks for any help

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