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New to C++...

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But not programming in general...Ive worked with a few other (laughable) languages in the past, so I understand programming concepts pretty well. Im picking up C++ easily but one thing bothers me...my C++ book offers NO information on graphics programmming. So I went on the net and searched...and I found some DOS programming tutorials. I figure those were out because Im using WindowsXP, which wont let me do direct calls to hardware. So now Im here, and I want to find out some things about windows graphics programming. Ive heard things like WIN 32 GDI, DirectDraw, DirectX, and OpenGL flying around but never really knew or cared to know what they were. All I really want is the ability to program a game in 800x600 resolution (or any resolution I choose, for that matter) and a 16-bit color mode (or any other accessible color mode). I dont need anything big and bloated, just a library with a few small routines like for plotting pixels and the like. Thanks if you help, KevinG

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Well, I can give you a few links that might get you started.

People rave about the SDL. Personally, I''ve never used it but it''s supposed to be good - a multi-platform library for graphics, input and sound (anything else?). That would possibly be the library you were looking for. However, I don''t know if you could really use it without prior knowledge of what it''s based on.

As for OpenGL, www.opengl.org is the OpenGL website, although NeHe is probably a better starting point for the tutorials. opengl.org doesn''t really offer much unless you have some initial knowledge of the API, perhaps the documentation section might be helpful though.

I can''t really comment much about DirectX since I''ve never really needed websites to help me with that, I just use the documentation that comes with the SDK, which, if you have enough inclination and bandwidth is available from Microsoft at about 240MB.

If you look around some more I''m sure you''ll come up with useful bits of information about the various libraries/tools used to write games.

Good luck.


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