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Help me please

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No I'm talking about 2D engines,drawing programs,2D library's, in the other words: The Works.

Thank in advance!
Plus learning tools,prefered online.

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Tools required: notepad.exe (or "vi" on Linux), ms-paint (or "GiMP" on Linux) and a compiler for your programming language of choice.

as inuendo1 already mentioned, VC++ is a good start if you plan to work with C or C++ There also is a free "Learning Edition" that comes with some C/C++ beginner''s books (killing two birds with one stone).

If you are not familiar with programming languages at all, remember to start out small (e.g. forget about graphics in the beginning and try to code "guess a number" in console-mode first) - saves you a lot of frustration.

Good luck!

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