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Anybody like this idea?

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Basically, it''s set in the future (thats where I like games to be.) You work for a software development firm, and while testing a direct neural interface that feeds the computers program directly to your brain in the form of an environment, your character encounters an AI that manifests itself from the Infranet (think like internet, but it''s replaced TV, radio, etc.) The AI throws your character into a mainframe at the software firm, which holds all the beta and finished versions of the company''s software. Basically, the AI will be an AI; I would probably need a realtime engine for this since the AI will be trying to trap you and destroy you by altering the environment/program you are travelling in (i.e. you could be walking over to a backdoor portal that may get you out, but the AI sensing this, would manifest a wall or something. And you would actually see it fly out of the ground and solidify.) But the experience I think will rely on what I wanted to do with the audio. Basically, your coworkers are working frantically outside the computer, trying to get you out. You''ll be able to hear them, and you can respond to them with predefined responses (think Unreal Tournament.) They''ll be able to warn you of manifestations and environment changes and debug manifestations when you target them. You''ll target the manifestation on the environment, and the coworkers will send down a beam (representation of the debugging); I was thinking binary code could be interspersed in this. The different programs all have a different theme to them; i.e. you could be sent to a game on the mainframe that some programmer made in their spare time (like Pong or something.) You''d appear, see the AI playing itself a round, and then start attacking you, with the game paddles and blocks, and the occasional burst of source code. That''d probably take on a flight element. I really want this entire game to feel like you''re seeing inside a computer and it wasn''t meant to have the software seen from the inside, so everything would seem "raw" (cant find a better word.) It will be visually appealing, but it''d be what you expect if you somehow get inside your comp. Anyways, I''m exausted from typing. I probably can sum this up better in a text file if I work on it. Any opinions? I know this is kinda ambitious, but if I find the right people to help me with this, I''d like to see this become a reality. Thanks for your time, Andrew Dr. Pepper: Offical Fuel of Game Development

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