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What are your thoughts on Python?

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Since search is unavailable at the moment, I would like to ask what people think of python compared to languages like c++ and java? Right now the core of our computer science ciriculum is Java, but next fall they are changing the core over to Python. I haven''t heard much about it really. So, tell me, what is the scoop with Python?

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Original post by spearson69
What are your personal thoughts about it if you have used it?

I think Python is an extremely well-designed language and very fun to develop in. GUIs are a piece of cake to develop in Python - not much harder than using a visual form designer like VB or Visual C#'s. The source is very easy to read and the standard library is very impressive. Finally, Python is backed by a very active community and there are many tutorials and a lot of free source code available to learn from.

In short, I think Python is an excellent language. I use it everyday.

Ken Murphy

[edited by - Ken Murphy on January 20, 2003 4:05:25 AM]

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