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Setting the mode with multiple monitors

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Alright, so I''m trying to set the mode on a secondary monitor, and I''m having trouble. If I don''t include SetFocusWindow, it''ll set the primary display, even though I specify the secondary device. I have another form that enumerates the devices and sets up all the variables. This is my code (By the way, this app is in C#) device = Microsoft.DirectX.DirectDraw.Device
				device.SetCooperativeLevel(Window, CooperativeLevelFlags.FullscreenExclusive
					| CooperativeLevelFlags.SetFocusWindow);
				device.SetDisplayMode(Width, Height, BPP, 60, false);
				device = null;
				return false;
On a separate subject, do you notice the sloppy documentation for DDraw? I look up the SetCooperativeLevel enumeration, and it just lists the items! No description whatsoever.

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