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Navigating inside or outside of volumes?

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Right, i''ve been working on the AI for my demo for quite a while, but all of the fighting has been taking place on a flat plane with a few obsticles in the way. It''s now time to test it in a proper scenario, but i''m having trouble deciding whether to keep the bot inside a set of bounding volumes, or keep him outside the volumes (this is for navigation purposes, not proper collision detection). Inside: How to deal with overlapping volumes (all volumes will overlap). If i cast a ray out which passes through 3 volumes, it will stop at the first and report this as far as it could go. I somehow need a way for it to say "if i''m outside this volume, am i in another?". This could get quite expensive after a while, and isn''t really an elegent solution. Outside: navigation is easy. If i hit something, move back a little. The only hard part is determining where exactly it''s possible to walk to! Staying inside a set of volumes is much harder than staying outside them! any suggestions? The volumes will be either axis aligned bounding boxes or spheres. Thanks in advance, PS: i''m not precomputing any other volume information apart from it''s dimentions and size, so i cant create an internal representation of "linked" volumes, like Q3A.

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Actually, either way sounds like such a hassle that you''re probably not using the appropriate solution for you problem. It''s Q3''s AAS without the advantages.

How about a grid, or a set of waypoints istead?

A lot depends on the density of obstacles, and the complexity of the environment. You may not need a terrain model at all (reactive movement).


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