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OpenGL OpenGL SDK for Linux

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It is really hard to tell... I am a linux n00b and do not know what to download... is there any site you can direct me into? and I have passed something mesa3d what exactly is it? is it what I need? I am very confused... linux names are confusing... I have seen a lot of thing that means nothing to me as this would mean to you ggisdheks blah... Thanks in advanced for any comment

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XFree86: A free X client and server. X is the most commonly and traditionally used *nix graphics system.
Mesa3D: An OpenGL 1.4 compliant OpenGL and GLU implementation. Formerly hardware accelerated rendering was built-in for a couple cards, but now it is used as just a software renderer when used by itself.
DRI: Direct Rendering Intrastructure. DRI includes Mesa3D (meaning if you''re using DRI, you don''t also need Mesa3D) as its OpenGL implementation. If your video card has DRI drivers (many cards do, with the notable exception of NVidia chipsets), OpenGL will be hardware accelerated. DRI is a part of XFree86 (as well as the Linux kernel).

You distro probably comes with most of that setup already. What distro are you using?

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thanks for all these info...
The problem is that I am installing glut from an rpm. using KDE3.0 the problem is ... dependencies failed: cannot be located. and I am now searching to find this library... and of course gl.h is available in the include path..
the distro is Mandrake 9.0 I do not know what the problem exactly is...

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