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DX8 Dynamic VB Reset Problems

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My dynamic vertex buffers seemingly do not render after I have resized my screen. When the screen is resized the VB is safely released then restored with: if(FAILED(g_Graphics.GetDeviceCOM()->CreateVertexBuffer( 4096 * 3 * sizeof(VERTEX), D3DUSAGE_DYNAMIC | D3DUSAGE_WRITEONLY, D3DFVF_VERTEX, D3DPOOL_DEFAULT, &m_pVB ))) return E_FAIL; Ordinary VB''s that use a different type of pool are rendered without problem but when I render this one, nothing appears. Nothing seems to fail for I have stepped through my code. All my breaks at each possible failure do not occur either. Does anyone know of any good code to help me at all? Thanks...

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Oh, sorry. I should have posted this as well:

VERTEX *src_v;

if(FAILED(m_pVB->Lock(0, 0,
(BYTE **) &src_v, D3DLOCK_DISCARD)))
return E_FAIL;
// go through the list of polys one by one and render then

for(int prim_cnt = 0; prim_cnt < NumTris; prim_cnt++)
// go through all the indices, and texture co-ordinates for this poly

for(int index_cnt = 0; index_cnt < 3; index_cnt++)
int tindex = Tris[prim_cnt].TxrIdc[index_cnt];
int vindex = Tris[prim_cnt].VtxIdc[index_cnt];

float tex_coord_s = TxrCoord[tindex].s;
float tex_coord_t = TxrCoord[tindex].t;

float x = Frames[0].Verts[vindex].x;
float y = Frames[0].Verts[vindex].y;
float z = Frames[0].Verts[vindex].z;

src_v[prim_cnt*3+index_cnt].x = x;
src_v[prim_cnt*3+index_cnt].y = y;
src_v[prim_cnt*3+index_cnt].z = z;
src_v[prim_cnt*3+index_cnt].tu = tex_coord_s/256.0f;
src_v[prim_cnt*3+index_cnt].tv = tex_coord_t/256.0f;
return E_FAIL;

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