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John Dowis

Specific type of 2D...

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I am making a game that will be 3D, first person point of view, but the characters on screen will be 2D sprites (think Might and Magic 6-8). However, being that I suck at computer art, does anyone know where I can get some good (free) sprites of this type? The problem I am having in my search is all the 2D art I find is usually overhead view tile stuff, or side scrolling platform game stuff, not 2D images for a 3D game (another good example of the character sprites I want would be the old, 2D FPS like Wolfenstein 3D or Doom/Doom II). These types of sprites usually have 4 modes: facing you, facing left/right, and facing away, plus a few for attack animations and walking. Also, the theme will be fantasy, but anything you can point me to would help greatly. I know its a pretty specific request, but hopefully someone here knows a good site. Thanks in advance!

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