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DX9 error when skinning ???

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When I try skinning by vertexshader I have to use (D3DFVF_XYZB1 | D3DFVF_LASTBETA_D3DCOLOR) as VFV and it works well. When I use (D3DFVF_XYZB2 | D3DFVF_LASTBETA_D3DCOLOR) it won´t work, and i get a dx9 error on a geforce4(D3DFVF_LASTBETA_UBYTE4 is not support by device) and it will be handelt as UBYTE4 in the vertexshader. Then i checked the dx9 skinning sample and it has the same error on hardwarevertex transform(HW mode is disabled only mixed mode can be used) Had someone the same error or a fix for it ??

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