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Engine design issue

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Lately I''ve been working on a game engine. Things are coming along nicely and everything seems to be fitting together the way I want it, but I''m starting to have some issues with the design im using. In the WinMain of the application I instantiate my CEngine class. In the CEngine::Initialize method I create instances of several sub systems for input, sound, rendering, and eventually a network subsystem. I also have a CStateManager class that is set up as a singleton and the CEngine class has a member variable that points to the instance of this class. I then have a base class called CGameState and have different state classes that derive off this base state. Examples of the derived states are CTitleScreenState, CLoginScreenState, CCharacterSelectState, and eventually a CPlayGameState. This setup follows the design pattern as described on this webpage: http://www.codeproject.com/tips/statepattern3.asp I also have a CRenderer class that also is instantiated in the CEngine::Initialize method and of course has a member variable in the CEngine class to point to this. Accessing the renderer isnt much of a problem because in the CEngine::Render method i just call statemanager->GetState()->Render(renderer); which will pass in a pointer to the renderer. Works nicely because the Render method of the states only handles rendering. Unfortunately this doenst seem to play nice with the other methods such as CEngine::Update (which in turn calls statemanager->GetState()->Update()) when access to other subsystems is required (sound, input, networking). I thought of passing the whole instance of CEngine in as a parameter of these methods, and then stemming off that using something like engine->ShowMouseCursor() or engine->soundmanager->Playsound(). I could make the subsystems singletons as well, but that seems rather clunky to have an app full of singletons and that really doesnt solve the issue of accessing other member variables of the CEngine class from within the derived states. Hopefully this all makes sense and you can see what im trying to do. Id like to keep with the whole idea of using singletons for the different gamestates as it seems to work out well. I''m open to suggestions on how to clean this up a bit and make things a little more elegant and accessable to these derived state classes. Any help is appreciated. -=[ Megahertz ]=-

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