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Lo Again ! I have a SplitterWindow with 2 Views Embedded, in the left pane a CTreeView, in the Right a CScrollView. I cannot get the Left Hand Pane (CTreeView) to process it''s OnDraw() Function, which means I cannot ask it to redraw it''sself when I add new data to it''s structure. Am I chasing the wrong message here, as I understand it, calling UpdateAll() from the document should call both views OnDraw() functions and re-display all my data. Is this correct ? If not, any hints on what I should be looking for ? TIA, Bp.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
i don''t think there''s an UpdateAll function for CDocument. is this one of your own or are you talking about UpdateAllViews?

assuming you really meant UpdateAllViews, did you attach the views to the document via AddView calls?

if the views are attached to the document and UpdateAllViews does not work, you can try iterating through the views yourself, calling each views Invalidate, which will force a redraw. you can use CDocument::GetFirstViewPosition and CDocument::GetNextView for the iteration.

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