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ramdisk or drive for win98SE

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Is the ramdisk just not necessary anymore since virtual memory is at the forefront? I wouldn''t mind giving up some of the vm and handing to the chips to get better performance from certain applications and games I would like to use a ramdrive, I know the one with DOS 7.0 goes up to 32Mb, I tried one yesterday that went up to 2Gb but I probably didnt have it set up right, cauze my AMD 1.6 choked on the log-in prompt (speaker buzzed and machine hung). Had to boot off the CD to delete a couple of stupid lines out of config.sys. I fseek, therefore I fam.

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um... you want to trade pagefile for disk? what''s the point in that? these days, pretty much the only time you''d use ramdrive is from dos if you''re booting from the floppy, because
- it''s insanely faster than floppy
- you can compress files on floppy and uncompress them into ramdrive even if you don''t have a harddisk (clean format scenario)

windows is pretty good at caching things. unless you really have a lot of ram (over 1 gb), and at least half of it is never used, and you *know for sure* that a particular application would benefit from having its stuff stored on a ramdrive, i wouldn''t bother.

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