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AGP operations supported by win and DirectX?

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Now i dont see any AGP references in DirectX docs... (but i see some DMA specs... fun ) So this makes me wonder 2 things: 1.Is Win9x using AGP for DirectX or GDI on a regular basis? -and how do i find if it does/donts...because i heard rummors that some starange DirectX installations dont setup AGP operations ok... 2. if i use only IdirectDraw interfaces (no Querry for better interfaces) do i lose speed or only i cant use newer funtions? - and does anybody know values for IID''s for DirectX 5/6/7 and please dont smile too much because Micro didnt release them for my assembler also...only for C/C++/VC++ -anybody compared speed on diffrent DirectX releases - if i have DirectX 7.0 installed and only setup IDirectdraw interface (DirectX 2.0 i think) what routines (Blit/Colorkey) will i call with this this old fashion interface: older directx 2.0 ones or new DirectX7 ones with older structures? After all i thing Directx7 shoul erase my DirectX2 routines as i dont want to have the whole history in memory (3/5/6 versions) dont i ? Thanks And keep up the good work...

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Guest Anonymous Poster
1. I''m pretty sure AGP is used.
2. You''ll lose the newer functions, and probably speed, because newer versions of Direct X are better optimised.
3. You''ll need to use the older functions. I recommend just querying for DirectX 7.0 and using the newer objects and functions. If you''re just using DirectDraw there''s not much difference, but when you come to use Direct3D there''s a big advantage!

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