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Setting a max velocity for asteroids style physics?

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My game is finally kicked off. I now can fly a ship around, shoot bullets, bounce off walls, etc... theres even a trail following my ship (when I thrust, of course). However, since this game uses asteroids physics, you could theoretically build up speed forever (or at least into an interviening obstacle got involved). How do I use a max_speed variable to lock the velocities to a certain level? In my last game (which I''m remaking), I used a simple, fast system where it checked x and y velocity against the max speed. This ws effective, except that it allowed you to gain more velocity by flying at an angle... How should I lock down the max speed?

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Well, I assume you''re storing asteroid velocity as velocity in the x and y axis- Since this is the case, you can get the asteroid''s total velocity with the square root of (X velocity)^2 + (Y velocity)^2 (more commonly known as the Pythagorean Theorem), and then compare that against the terminal velocity. That will pretty much re-compose the vector you want to look at, and give you its'' magnitude.

When you''re updating speeds, the best way to do "choke off" the velocities is probably to tell if the update will push the speed over the maximum, and then not update if it will.

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I''ve had this same problem in my game. Someone helped me and told me to do this:

totalvel = sqrt(xvel ^ 2 + yvel ^ 2)
if totalvel > maxvelocity


xvel = xvel / totalvelocity
yvel = yvel / totalvelocity
xvel = xvel * maxvel
yvel = xvel * maxvel

And you''ll get what you want

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