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Good rescources for lighting.

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Hi. I was wondering if anyone knows of good resoures (online or book-wise) exclusively devoted to explaining lighting mechanics in OpenGL. Of all tutorials on OpenGL, most of them only briefly describe how to get your world lit, not explaining the usage of all the attributes lights OpenGL implements. For example, no sites I''ve seen explain the glMaterial attribute GL_EMISSION... and the technical reference uses a recursive definition of what it actually does =-( Any books devoted to the subject would be great. "You TK''ed my chicken!"

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What you want is a book not dedicated to lighting in OpenGL, but dedicated to 3D theory, because lighting is 3D theory, OpenGL just provides some functions to make lighting easier (and hardware accelerated). So, the following books will be the most help:

- Real-Time Rendering
- Computer Graphics: Principle and Practice

There are also some decent sites out there with lighting theory, you just gotta search for ''em (I''m sure Real-Time has some links).

Trent Polack
Author of Focus on 3D Terrain Programming

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