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Another Xfile question

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I got a much better undestanding of xfiles and animation from that article posted earlier. But it made some new questions that i did not see addressed. 1)When a modeler makes the model, are the bones defined by him in the modeler? or do you need to set them. 2) Are bones just a ''point'' on the model around which other vertexes are ''anchored'' and follow? If so, then could i have a modeler create a model of say a person, with arms, hands, feet and head being bones, then instead of set animations, just move say a hand bone up, and it will raise the arm? 3) Along the same lines, can you rotate the hand bone, so the hand (and what its holding) rotates, and the rest of the arm does not? 4) can a combination of animations and on the fly movements be used? Like say, having the model in a walk loop affecting only the leg bones, and move the arm around on the fly? I am trying to decide the best way to attack my next game project. It will be the first time i use meshes, and i need a combination of animations for walking and such, with freedom to move arms and hands. Thanks!

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1. by the modeler
2. yeah kind like that, you attach the model''s vertices to these ''points''..., you define arms, hands feet etc., vertices, and you attach them to these ''points'', and yes you move the points and all attached vertices will move as well
3.yep, it depends where the point is connected to, if point B is connected to point A, moving point A will move point B too, but moving point B does not move point A
4. ehm, are you trying to ask if say example, an animation walk and animation attack can be combined in one animation at run-time(fly) ie, attacking while walking? well yepz!

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Cool, thanks for the info, guess xfile is the mesh sys i will use then.
On #4, the attack animation will be based on how the mouse moves, i dont want it to be a set "animation". Kind of like the game "die by the sword" where you moved the mouse, and that is how the sword was swung. So the leg animation will be a set loop for walking, and for attacking the arm will need to follow the mouse movement path.

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