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3D World Creation

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Hello all. I am new to game creation, and I had a few questions about 3D Worlds. I plan to make a MMORPG that would of course be all 3D in a world like scale. The engine I have choosen uses BSP files, and I would like to have my 3D world all 1 level, instead of having the hectic loading of levels as players move throughout the world. Im asking if anyone could fill me in on how I can create this, or better yet wich is the best program to use to do this. Please and thank you.

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It depends on the engine. Oh and if you''re doing large open environments BSP ain''t good. You want to use octrees.

And another thing making a mmorpg is very hard. If you''re a beginner(which you probably are as you posted this in the for beginners forum) you won''t be able to do it unless you''re very very dedicated

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about the tools you can use the tools of quake like qradiant or qoole or quest how much about BSP file do you know?

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From the sounds of it, I would change your expectations of making this very quickly. If you are beginners, I would figure out pong first If you aren''t, then why are you posting in this forum? Trust me, pong will be hard enough, knowing words like BSP tree and Octrees won''t help you..

If things seem bad, think that they can get a whole load worse, and they don''t seem so bad anymore


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Sorry to disappoint you guys, but I would bet my ass (and I love my ass), that you won''t complete a MMORPG anytime soon.
Your enthusiasm is positive and important but consider these few things that you need:
1) An excellent knowledge of networks, and I do mean EXCELLENT.
2) Proficiency in C/C++, computer graphics, and not less important, in the environment you are planning to write this.
3) Artistic skills (see if you can draw a full detailed dragon).
4) Stupendous amount of time.
5) Money, and lots of it. Think how much it costs to just rent the web space for an MMORPG.

Just know that dungeon siege took 4 years to make to an experienced group of professionals (about 20), and Never winter nights was first concieved in 1997 (!!!).
And these were not even MMORPG .....

I would like to conclude with a suggestion of first writing pong, tetris and the sorts as a fellow member also wrote.

Good luck!

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Ya but you dont understand tho, you guys are jumping to conclusions. We may be beginers.. but..

For 1, I have been playing a game called "Graal Online" in wich it allows you to create and program your own worlds in the online game. So for artistic skill, I have loads.

And of course, I do understand how hard this is. Its one of my life time goals to be a Game Designer. Currently im in College for "Desktop Puplishing and Marketing" and soon after I will be attending other courses such as "Programming Analysts , MCSD for networking, and Windows O/S''s and Programming"

I also do understand this will take years of work, and lots of effort and contribution. Me and my staff understand all of this, and we know how hard this really is to accomplish. I also do know about Servers, and how much they cost to run and keep running. Bandwith is very expensive these days, espeically for a MMORPG. We gonna need like a T3 connection.

The only problem is, yes we are beginers. Me myself, I dont know alot about C++ but im studying it alot, before I go to college for it. Wich wont be for about a year, or half a year. I have 2 1000 page C++ books that im studying just to get basic code, and to understand all the Commands and Variabels.

But ya, thats basically it.

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It doesn''t matter how dedicated you are, you need to have a thorough understanding of networking, math, graphics theory, etc. before you can even attempt to write an MMORPG.

Can you define all these terms (and in cases of trees/maps, give explanations of how they''re calculated/lighting models)?

system memory
video memory
light map
BSP tree
Quad tree
static geometry
dynamic geometry
ip header
frame header
window managment
vertex buffer
dot product
buffered input

If you can, you might have a fighting chance. If there were five or ten of yourselves, and you had experience writing games before.

There''s nothing wrong with writing pong: If you can make a nice, polished pong game, you will get a fair amount of respect; I assure you.


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Anyway, you must know that even teams of like 30 professionals some times abandon those kind of projects because of the difficulty, so it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE for a team of 3or4 begginers to do something like that!!!! Start by doing aPong game or a tetris clone, don''t start off too big!!! look at the programmers test at Gearbox and other companies, before being able to answer all off the questions in those tests!!! And without looking at any external source you could maybe think about coding a basic FPS, but if you are 3 people, I suggest you start off small

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