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D3D8 Memory Leaks

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Using the debug runtime with D3D debug info cranked up I''m getting a big report of all these leaks that I have, basically lines like this are showing up in the debug conosle: Direct3D8: (ERROR) :Memory Address: 010c3fb4 lAllocID=1 dwSize=00003524, ReturnAddr=012ce226 (pid=00000444) Is there any way to possibly use this information to catch when such a thing is allocated? I tried making a function that checks the pointer returned by any D3D call that create any interfaces (CreateTexture() for example will check the value returned in the IDirect3DTexture8 pointer, and ditto for various other Create*() and Get*() functions) but nothing being returned to me matches either the "Memory Address" or "ReturnAddr" values.

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