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Full screen Graphics

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How would I get a large graphic onscreen? If I wanted to make a large logo background for the initial startup before you get into the game. This is probably a stupid question but I''ve asked many people and they just tell me to split it up.. but it would suck since I wouldn''t want to do that for every picture I load that is weird shaped or too large. Thanks DuhMe I''m an idiot so you don''t have to be.

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Well, if you dont want to split the picture up, you can use
glBitmap and glRasterPos to paste a bitmap. But beware, it is slow as hell...

if it also has a progressbar (nothing else as bitmaps are drawn), you should be able to (didn't test it):

disable detphbuffer or depthmasking (not sure if it nessesary)

clear your backbuffer, and render logo and other bitmaps using glBitmap and glRasterPos (if it is a fullscreen logo, skip clearing the buffer, and you may need to render it to both buffers (front/back))

now for each "progress" you make, draw the progressbar and then swap buffers ( but not clear the buffer )....

thereby the big logo/other bitmaps which hasn't anything to do with the progressbar, only are drawed once...=)

( my english isn't the best :-) )

Edited by - Claus Hansen Ries on May 10, 2000 9:07:00 AM

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