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Virtools or Renderware

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I have access to both Renderware and Virtools, but I don''t know which to get started on. I thought Renderware was much more powerful, but I''ve heard good things about Virtools and Havok. Help! Which should I use?

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I''m only familliar with virtools and am very taken with it (I use it daily).
Are you gonna play around or is this a project that''s supposed to end up on a shelf ?
''cause there''s lots of games shipped with renderware, as opposed to the 2 that I know that shipped with virtools (and those were animated characters in front of prerendered backgrounds).
Virtools is definately working itself up in the gamedev middleware arena, but they''re not there yet.

On the other hand, its relatively easy to get a game started on virtools (it''s original focus was game prototyping) ''cause its a authoring environment (I believe that renderware is more like a coding library that you can use to build your game, could be mistaken).

Your choice

CU, Hightree

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Hi mercman,

You say you have "access" to RenderWare (I think you refer to RenderWare Graphics btw). The way you say that sounds like you have an illegal copy of it. Getting a license to use it in a game typically costs >50.000$ per platform, which you just don''t happen to get "access to" by chance.

First I would like to say that RenderWare Graphics is not a engine per see - it is more like a rendering system with some bit and pieces that usually come with engines - such as support for light mapping or skinning.

Anyway, the big reason RenderWare is popular for commercial games is because it is truely cross platform for the biggest game platforms. It works for both PC (on DirectX and OpenGl), on the PS2, GameCube and Xbox. No other rendering system to date have been able to achieve this.

The drawback of RenderWare Graphics is that reduces your flexibility, so if you intend only to work on PC (which I think you are) then RenderWare is not a good choice. Instead you should use some full fletched engine made for the PC - virtools is probably a better choice for you.

Jacob Marner, M.Sc.
Console Programmer, Deadline Games

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