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Fog & Alpha blending do not mix!!

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Well I''m currently adding particle systems into my heightmap renderer and I''ve come across a problem. My heightmap is rendered using a quad tree, so I''ve added in some fog to hide the bits of terrain being added in the distance and also just for the general effect of it. I could just hide it by reducing my draw distance but I feel that looks a little ugly in comparison. If I increase the distance of the frustum so that the heightmap is rendered as far as the eye can see, I lose too much performance to make it worthwhile. Anyhoo, my question is about alpha blending. When I enable fog, any time a particle is covered with fog, the boundaries of the quad become extremely visible, if I get close enough the particle renders fine, perfectly transparent at the edges, if I move a bit further away and it is covered by the fog, it becomes a ghastly block (albeit still slightly transparant)!! So does anyone know a way to stop fog affecting alpha blending, or is that just the way it works and theres no way to stop that effect bar removing the fog? Cheers, Steve AKA Mephs

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What kind of alpha blending are you using ? (ONE,ONE or SourceAlpha,InvSourceAlpha)
Is alpha test turned on ?
How is you scene sorted ? (ground,particle or mixed)

I have done alpha blending for trees and it works find with fog(SourceAlpha,InvSourceAlpha)

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