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some questions

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When working in 3D is there a specific angle you set the camera to so it looks down on the map correctly? And if anybody has any source of just a basic 3D tile render i''d appreciate the change to take a look. :-)

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sorry for not being clear enough. I mean in a traditional RTS the camera looks down on the map at a specific constant angle, is there some good angle or do I just fool around till it looks good? and the map is just.. well the map, isometric, 3d.

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Traditional RTSes were sprite based and had an implicit camera angle built into them when the art was created. If you are doing yours in actual 3D with polygons and whatnot, you are free to use
whatever camera angle you want. In fact, this might be a good opportunity to add in a cool new feature; let the user decide what camera angle to use.

/a_______ ground

You could initially set the camera to be similar to a top down view but with some side offset, say a = 75 degrees but let the user move it around a la Myth.

Of course this could cause havoc with some aspects of your game like people not being able to see what they are supposed to see or vice versa. Also, your movement code would have to be relative then as well as adding movement code for the camera.

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