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Such a thing as a "Generic Editor"?

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I have had a play with the Genesis editor and some of the quake editors and they seem okay at indoor stuff (obviously that is what they are designed for). Is it possible to create an editor that is more generic and would cope with something like a race track for a car game as well as an indoor Quake-like scene. Here are some options that I think I have. 1. Quake/Genesis like editor. This uses brushes and CSG operations to construct the world and seems to be what most world editors use. These type of editors seem to be difficult to use for creating anything other than indoor scenes. 2. Place vertices and join togther to make faces. A kind of 3D version of a doom editor. This I feel would be more flexible at building a race game (gradients etc.) and still support indoor games where doors and lifs etc can be defined. External prefabs can be loaded for more complicated shapes and selected vertices can be used to create terrains. 3. The final option (and probably the easiest) is to create a world editor that simply allows the world to be made of primitives and prefabs. Similar to 1 but no CSG and vertex editing. That way a 3D modeller can be use to construct main parts of the world and the editor is used simply to glue pieces togther and assign attributes/textures to faces/objects where necessary. Obviously the output of the editor would be a BSP or Octree etc and the 3D engine would also have to be generic enough to support different types of games. I have briefly seen apps like 3DRad and Dark Basic that appear to allow this but don't really know much about how they work and how they create generic editors/engines. Thanks. Edited by - UKONE on 5/11/00 2:04:55 AM

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