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Pac Man

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Hey all, I''m starting work on a pac-man type game, and i just have a few design issues/questions i would appreciate some help on. 1) How do most people represent the board?? i.e. where the players and AI are legally allowed to move. 2) How do you keep the ghosts from getting stuck in corners if they''re supposed to move closer to pac-man?? (i know random movements would help, and so whould a tree type search) any other suggestions? 3) Does anyone know of any online tutorial for something like this?? Thanks --Ninj4D4n

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I read a binary file into an array to represent the board. In this (hardcoded, my bad but I was lazy) I had a specific number of tiles that the characters were not allowed to move through. The exception to this (another hard coded number) was the tile that when the ghosts die and need to go back to their regen room they can walk through. I have an if statement that checks that in a CanMove function (if dead and tile is regen tile then they are allowed to move there)

I did not allow the ghosts to move backwards with the exception of two conditions:
Pac-man had just eaten the power pellet, they are allowed to turn around.
They are stuck in a dead end, and have to turn around to continue moving.

The way I check my agressive ghost next direction is to check which direction is closer to get to pac-man (X or Y) and try it, if the ghost is unable to move that direction it tries the other (if X was first, Y is now tried.) If that fails as well it drops through to a random movement (from a switch statement.)

Sorry but I don''t. I had thought to make my code into a tutorial but it is so badly written (hard coded values, hard to follow logic, no comments) that I hesitate to even mention that I have written pac-man.

If you want to catch me - ICQ 8612524 (Skibum)

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For the ghost motion. See it from their point of view.

1. If they see pac man along a corridor, set the direction to head for him.

2. If they don''t see pac man just set the direction to run along any old corridor

3. Keep going until they hit a wall then decide which way to go again.


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