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learning about the HWND and other (Win) data types

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i did a search on HWND but didn''t find anything that i could understand. I also looked on GameTutorials but their explanation has much to be desired. So I''m wondering does anyone know of a basic tutorial(s) that explains HWND and other similar types of data types? Thanks, in advance.

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Don''t know about tutorials, but you might try this book:

Programming Windows, The Definitive Guide to the Win32 API
by Charles Petzold

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What''s there to explain?

A ''HANDLE'' is just an ID number for a windows object.

A HWND is a ''handle to a window.'' A HEVENT is a ''handle to an event.'' A HPEN is a handle to a GDI Pen. Etcetera.

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A HWND is just a Handle.
For Example, you cannot move a window, close a window, or do
anything to a window unless you have a HWND to that window.

The function FindWindow returns a handle to a window.

HWND MySolitaireHandle=NULL;
/* Above, I created a handle object, and I named it
MySolitaireHandle */ /* At this point the HWND is empty,
and does not point to any window */

/* Now you can use MySolitaireHandle to manipulate
the window you are using, in this case Solitaire */

I have a tutorial on my site about Basic Windows Programming.
Here''s a tip, at first don''t worry about what everything means
Use Window Skeletons, to write programs.
Honestly, I can''t just type the Windows Skeleton, and
then write a program. But I can create a major application,
because I know my way around the Windows Skeleton.

You just have to know where to plug in the code, and
soon everything else comes natural.

Check out my site.
Good Luck


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