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Pointers giving me a funny problem....

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Hey there. First of, the code...


				texNameNum = SendDlgItemMessage(hWnd, IDC_TEXTURELIST, LB_GETCURSEL, 0, 0);
				SendDlgItemMessage(hWnd, IDC_TEXTURELIST, LB_GETTEXT, texNameNum, (LPARAM)name);

				vector<CTexture*>::iterator iter;

				Game.LogFile.Output("Selected Filename = %s %i", name, texNameNum);

				for(iter=TextureManager.TextureList.begin(); iter != TextureManager.TextureList.end(); ++iter) {

					if(strcmp(name, (*iter)->m_name.c_str()) == 0) {
						Game.LogFile.Output("Texture list number = %i", texNameNum);
						Game.Terrain.m_currentTexture = TextureManager.TextureList[(*iter)->m_ID];
						Game.LogFile.Output("New Current texture name = %s", Game.Terrain.m_currentTexture->m_name.c_str());




Ok, whats happening here is you load a texture whose name then appears in a list box. You highlight that texture name click assign, and it textures the terrain with that texture. The problem is this. It only works for every other texture. I have a texture pointer in my terrain class call m_currentTexture. That is what is being bound as the texture for the terrain. I simply change the pointer when the assign button is clicked to the currently loaded one. The odd thing is the every other texture thing that its doing. If you have any idea what could be up, or if you would like more code, please respond

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