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Map file tools.

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Does anyone know of a tool to make .map files(the quake version) also does anyone know of any of those tools other people use where they design something like a map and then the program spits out vertexs and tex coord and whatever else to a file and your program just reads the file and draws the image. well thanks.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Well, for the .map you can use gmax + the tempest gamepack.

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When i try to install.
and when i get a registration code.
it always has a red X next to it saying i didnt do somethiung right.
i have done many emails addresses and reinstalled the program many times.
no luck at all.

can you think of any other tools like that to design a map and for it to spit out vertices or something.
that is really what i want.

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If you can get GMax working (or get hold of a copy of 3dsmax), I strongly suggesst you invest a little time in learning MAXScript. Pretty simple, it should only take a couple of hours to pick up the essentials, but once you have you can write scripts to spit out whatever data you need to files, from your 3d models....something like...

filename = getsavefilename
file = createfile filename

for i in 1 to obj.numfaces do
facV = getFace obj i

for j in 1 to 3 do
VNorm = getNormal obj facV[j]

TexUV = getTVert obj facV[j]

Vcoord = getVert obj facV[j]

format "% % % \n" VNorm[1] VNorm[2] VNorm[3] to: file

format "% % \n" TexUV[1] TexUV[2] to: file

format "% % % \n" Vcoord.x Vcoord.y Vcoord.z to: file

This is just the chunk of the export script I wrote that actually exports a triangle mesh with vertex normals and mappind coords to a text file...
Hope this is of some assistance....

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